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It took another ten days , sent a burst of air sea restless wonderful breakthrough opportunity comes, he hastened to seize the opportunity to exercise our powers to break ,coach factory outlet online sale infuriating Pentium waves throughout the whole body veins , each layer breakthrough bleed realm are not too after difficult, he continuous dose of two tablets BI Dan, infuriating as rushing rivers , there is a natural momentum. coach outlet now has far more than the average person 's body ,Visit Website with immortality help break it without difficulty , after a small half hour, his body suddenly bring out a burst of Allied infuriating , overturned the tables and chairs shook shaking . His eyes jumped out of bed and try to run a little infuriating , suddenly a tyrannical force full body, feeling a little let him trembling with excitement , his emotion by Yi Zhu , murmured: " Try out Imperial is much improved technique . " Then he came to the yard , wielding feijian Aralia , Aralia suspended in front of him , delicately brilliant , can be seen in daylight . He cited one hand tactics , Aralia roared out , draw a white shadow, sword and hit the feet outside the rockery , a piece weighing a ton boulder crashing fragmentation, gravel flying , come to the full House is , indeed repair to enhance that is not the same, the speed and power are feijian substantial increase combat power surge. Swordsmanship process , coach outlet there is a wonderful feeling , found significantly enhance their ability to control , can easily resorted to any moves , there is no sense Zhise , the kind of hearty feeling indescribably cool. His guess is that this should be stated in the Scriptures Hidden Dragon " identified micro " Scripture says : dive in deep veins can pass the spiritual sense , six sensitive investigation micro cents, world skills can be controlled ...... This increase brings the ability to distinguish the effect of micro- too magical , coach outlet originally smart, learn anything faster ,coach factory online sale and now the ability to further increase the resolution slightly , almost nothing he can not learn . Then, after a month, his cultivation steadily increased to double post- entraining , estimated a few months can reach a peak , that time can break into a triple , so if you tell an alarming rate that bullied him people can put them scared silly . In Chunyang Palace for nearly three months , coach outlet xiu stopped working, his cultivation leaps and bounds, the bleed air into the double peak level.