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Springs looked at the closed door , turned and muttered scratching their heads : " Brother Lee strange today ." Said carrying out a partial hospital food basket . coach outlet to feel the breath of spring has left a long sigh of relief and turned leaning on the door, and after a moment he suddenly muttered: "Why do not I start practicing now Five power it should not someone found . " Five of his power this temptation is too great ,coach factory outlet and he can not wait to back to Happy Valley to practice , practice meditation to jump in bed together . Although he is Happy reactive gas open sea , but almost all the basic nature of the sea air , and now again another practice exercises just to essentially transformed over the sea air on the line , when practicing this transformation than simply a hundredfold , he shipped Sanza after power , gas power of the sea has five elements flow , the effect is very obvious. He was received power out of bed , knock on the door , coach outlet heart surprised: "Who? " "Yes I am ." Really is the original sound track . coach outlet past the door,coach factory outlet sale came true original road , glanced at the room , his eyes fell upon him , and asked : "how? like today , there is no lazy ." "Of course , of course not ." Coach outlet a little flustered . The original road really see him such a look , can not help but narrowed his eyes suspiciously and said: "What? You panic, do a good conscience ." "How , how could I do good conscience ." Lack of confidence coach outlet , so to improve the sound , pretending nothing had happened . The original road did not really see anything from his face , walked two steps , said: " as a teacher to learn and easy to manage Von mountains for some time , or as long as three months , as short as a month or two , these days not empty bother you , you can not give me trouble here , practice and do not be lazy , know it . " coach outlet heard heart feel pleased , and quickly said: . " My stay in the room to stay at home to practice, okay ." The original road really smile stroke shall nodded: "ah,go to the website so much the better , do not run around , this is someone else to head Rexia bad thing to be clean ." "I know, I will concentrate on practice , no trouble ." Coach outlet nodded promised to steal the hearts of music, " so much the better , no one to bother , I can safely practice the Five Power ."