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"Five Gong " Although very magical ,coach factory outlet but there is a limit , the person must have five elements practicing spiritual roots , or can not practice. Among the monks have spiritual roots are not many monks , ten in about two or three , and have more than one spiritual roots of fewer people , a hundred people there do not necessarily have one, they are also has five spiritual roots of the people , it is simply rare, one in a million . The more powerful exercises and magic , the more restrictions , the five elements of power , although powerful, but look at the entire monastic community is estimated that few people can practice. coach outlet Five Scriptures after reading this heart full of wonder : "Why such a wonderful Scriptures been engraved on the mountain ,Recommended Site so it should be a good magic Scriptures covered up , so let scripture leaked out ." Doubt in his mind that no one can help him , he now must do one thing, this canon of Scripture down, go back and practice, Hidden Dragon Gong has five elements breeding effect, he now has five elements Harlingen , can practice the five elements of success, these five functions so magical , after excel Five metaplasia , even if one or two lower than the enemy can defeat the enemy realm , such a huge temptation , how could he resist. Five Scriptures he will once again start to finish and looked again,Coach confirmed that no trace of omissions and errors, and then hurried back in time, perhaps because of a guilty conscience , he returned to the room after a " long bang " bang the door , for fear that others know they stole learned this Scriptures .