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Bypassing Square, a quiet Road leading into the distance, his meandering along this Road and the line around the houses gradually reduced , slowly entered the mountains into . Here is Chunyang Palace mountain scenery contend , after passing through the pine forest, and entered a piece of bamboo . Bamboo forest bamboo is very strange , bamboo Department does not bulge, terraced rice paddies after Lee looked surprised cried: "Well, this bamboo flute , but the best , and I'll pick a tree to make a flute ." He said then start looking up in the bamboo forest . Unfortunately, bamboo grows very thick here ,coach factory outlet sale looking for a long time he did not find a suitable bamboo flute , and he all the way forward, carefully looking for , he can not believe such a big piece of bamboo can not find a thin bamboo. Also look for two incense work, and finally in front of a mountain to find a tiny bamboo , thickness just right, he excitedly under the bamboo sword wielding the law felled , two or three swords cut redundant branches , cut to the next paragraph , he did not taper chisels and other tools , can go back and do , so he took the bamboo incorporated into the cornucopia , the contentedly ready to leave.
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